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Information About The International Space Station

Welcome to the station information page on my website here you will find basic information about the international space station such as:

So hope you enjoy the information i provide and dont worry i am not making up random numbers the information about the International Space Station i present here is from either NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ESA, or CSA.

Station Specs

The following links below will take you aboard the station for a guided tour curtosiy of the crew members from the International Space Station.

tour with Suni tour with andre

Visitors To The International Space Station

As of July 3rd 2015 218individuals have made 370 space flights to the International Space Station, the following is a list of all the countries followed by th amount of flights and number of individuals that country has sent to the International Space Station.

List of Countries who have visited the station
Country # Of Flights # Of People Sent
Belgium 1 1
Brazil 1 1
Canada 9 7
France 3 3
Germany 3 3
Italy 8 5
Japan 11 7
Malaysia 1 1
Netherlands 2 1
Russia 75 44
South Korea 1 1
Spain 1 1
Sweden 2 1
United States 250 141

Please note the numbers i give above have nothing to due with the total amount of space flights each country has made it only relates to the number of times they have visited the International Space Station.

Please follow the link provided below to see a list of the names of all the individuals who have visited the International Space Station.

list of visitors to the international space station

Expedition 44 And The Current Crew

The following is a list of the current crew aboard the International Space Station along with information on the country each crew member is from the time they launched and the time they are due to depart from the station.

From Russia

From The United States

From Japan

Please follow the link i have posted below for information on future expeditions that are planned and past ones.

list of expeditions to the international space station
International Space Station Configuration list of components of the international space station